La simplicité et l'écran

Master thesis

La simplicité et l'écran is a master thesis written during my studies at the ESADSE. It outlines the original intentions that motivated the conception of the first digital graphical user interfaces and questions how simplicity became the dominant paradigm of contemporary user interface design. Based on the theories by Lev Manovich, Matthew Fuller and Anthony Masure, the non-desirable effects of this design philosophy are reflected upon.

With the desire to join the ideas I develop in this essay and my design practice, the layout of this thesis was realised using web to print and with the precious help of the paged.js library. The source code of the layout is open and released under the AGPL-3.0 License on my github account.

The cover pattern hinting at a terminal of a phosphor monitor was coded with Processing. Each printed book displays a unique laser-cut cover as the pattern is being generated in a procedural way.