Systématiser, Vera Molnár

DNSEP Part 2

Systématiser is the diploma I presented at the ESADSE in June 2021, showing the results of an ongoing research project.

The methodology of work is based on the one recommended by the CRAV (Centre de Recherche en Arts Visuels) created in 1960. Opposed to the idea of the "genius artist" producing artworks ex nihilo, the artists of CRAV suggested an artistic practice inspired by science, one that is based on a series of visual experimentations.

The starting points of Systématiser are the artworks of two artists who were part of the CRAV: the series Hommage à Dürer by Vera Molnár and Lumières alternées by Julio Le Parc.

In a process close to the one of reverse engineering, I reproduced the shapes of Molnár's artwork with Processing. Then I proceeded to a series of variations based on the graphic properties of the original artwork: the overlay of lines, dots contained in specific shapes, random distribution of coordinates ...

As we move forward in the iterations, the experimentations drift from printed paper to a digital tool generating graphics. This tool included properties absent from the referenced work such as physical interactions, real time graphic alterations, a third dimension.

The original desire of my project was to reveal the beauty that lies beneath the instructions or properties of the CRAV's referenced artworks. It is also an attempt at showing how artworks created today can be linked to and educate on the past history of digital art.

Pictures of the diploma are copyrighted material by Sandrine Binoux.